Sunday, May 15, 2011

Merida 24hr 2011

I was wanting to have a good crack a the Merida 24hr this year and although my race prep was not great I still had high hopes for a good result.

From the start I was riding the 29er, it was a bit of a weapon on the OHV course. The conditions were perfect after having so many wet races or having them called off it was great to get a mostly dry course apart from two boggy spots. I rode well for the first 8ish hrs and was sitting top 5 somewhere. I think from here mentaly I lost mental drive to race through a 24hr, I stopped got off my bike and in my mind that was that. I have never felt like that before and I felt guilty for stopping. I think it's only fare to everyone to let you know that over the past 6month we have moved house twice and the last move was the weekend before the race. I didnt prepare myself well enough for this race.

All that aside I got to see Richard and Al very good friends of mine complete there first ever 24hr, with Al getting a 3rd, well done to you both. It was a different aspect of 24hr racing stepping off the bike and watching everyone roll around the track. In the early hours of the morining I decided to hit the track once again and had a ball, Ay Ups blazing through the trail, I really do enjoy night riding. Then hit the sack for some sleep.

Around 8 sunday morning, I was standing in the coffee line, Kiri turned around to me and said I should get out and get afew more laps in. By the time Kiri had got back to the tent with the coffee I was changed and ready to roll. Kiri said I was still sitting about 10th so my plan was simple, go out and have fun. turned out after horus off my bike my legs wetre feeling great i manged to smash some sub 50 minute laps which dragged me back up into a top 5 position.

Like I not how i want to race a 24hr but some valuable lessons learnt. Where to from here? well while i am still busy getting our life sorted and into a routine i am going to focus on the 8hr coming up, post that i will try and focus on a big race towards the end of the year.

Look forward to seeing you on the track and once again congrats to all the raced the 24hr and acheived there goals.

Thanks to all my sponsors and last and very much not least My support crew, Kiri you did a amazing job of keeping me alive and thanks heaps Mikey for your help and Hamburgers.


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