Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tomac Diplomat 29er Review

Some food for thought guys. There just might be one at World 24hr.

Stay tuned for good friend of mine Mick Pearson words on the Carbide Sl he rode last night.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ay Up D2D

Well what were my expectation for the race:

1. Don't have the nutrition problems i suffered in the Merida 24
2. Ay Up need to be on the top spot

3. Have fun

I rocked out to Canugra about 12 on Saturday to get set up relax and enjoy the atmosphere before the start, my ace crew consisted of Al, Stacey and Soz. I had a roll around the course before the start of the race and like the 24hr last year it had loose sand on the corners, fare bit of grass and those hills thrown in for good measure. It was great to have all the Ay Up boys all in the one place.

Before I knew it was time to line up for the start, the gun went and I found myself settling in around 5th before the grass hill climb. I was hoping to have a good race but my legs were not 100% because I was backing up from the Merida 24hr. And thats about were Russ layed down his race intention, he put the foot down right from the word go. So I jumped on his back wheel and for the next few hrs the lead changed between us but not by more then afew minutes. In this situation you need your crew to have everything down pat and Al, Stacey and Soz did. I rolled through the pits without even stopping alot of the time. Big thanks to my crew

Early Hrs: by this stage I had put some space between me and Russ so the plan was to stay consistant hit my lines and not flat or crash, O and stay on top of my nutrition. Which I managed to do.

By the end of the race I had put a lap on the Russ so I was well clear, I rocked around for my last lap and finished with 10min left on the clock.

So in the end I finished 1st in the solo field. Really stoked

Did I achieve my goals:

1. No nutrition problems

2. Ay Up rider on the top spot Yes

3. Have fun you bet

Thanks to my sponsors Super sports for my sick ride [Carbide sl] and to Onza for the glue that sticks to the track and Ay Up for the best lights ever. Thanks to Ay Up for supporting this event they put alot of prizes on for evevryone. A big thanks needs to go out to Andy and Jo for all the effort they put into the race. Thanks

Stay tuned for Carbide Sl reveiw

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