Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WOW What a year.

Well once again sorry for my lack of posting.

Riding wise: due to my new job, training rides have been few and far between. I have been managing to scratch about 100km a week which is a far cry from where I be.

Racing wise:
Gatton 4hr. me and Zack came third

Dusk til Dawn 12hr: Best mate Al and me took out 2nd in a mixed pair. Woop

Garrapine 4hr: Me and Zac once again teamed up. this race was really fun with some tight racing for the top 3 team. on the second last lap we managed to pull away with the Win. woop woop 1st

Last race of the year saw me and Ethan team up and this was the Karingal 4hr. the racing here was fast and i was a little out of my depth. It was a close race for third place between us and Zack and Dean. In the end it came down to me and Dean. i went out with about a 15 second lead and rather then flog myself to death I sat up until Dean caught up. after some discussion we decided it was only fitting that we cross the line equal third. WICKED.

I have alot of poeple to thank for my year of racing and for helping through out the year.

Ay Up for making the most reliable and lightest lights. Keep an eye on the website there is some sick stuff happening in Ay Up land.

Silverback for some pretty sweet bikes. especiallly my 29er freaking awsome.

Osprey: these bags are freaking awsome every single one of them they are regarded around the world as one of the best.

Compressports: for the super comfortable compression garments.

KWT: for helping me out with all things tyre related and any other coll stuff i needed.

FTR :[For the Riders] these guys have always been there if I have ever needed anything. Thanks to Tim and his team.

Pedal Power Plus in Gympie: Dave has been helping me right from the start. Thanks heaps Dave I will be in for a coffee soon.

Shotz Nutrition: I was lucky enought to meet Darryl from Shotz at Mountains to Beach. Since then I have been on Shotz products for all my racing and training. Shotz has been great to race on and I am looking forward to racing on it next year. Thanks heaps guys. also if your keen to sample some they do a sampler pack.

Last and definatle not least the Ay Up racing Team: With the forming of the team this year i have been lucky enough to race with all the young lads and watch them get faster and closer to achieving there dreams.. I also get to race with that old guy Fellows LOL but he's fast too. For those of you that dont know about the Ay Up racing team its the brain child of Andy Fellows and is aimed at helping young riders.

Thanks to all who read this web space and i will do my best to keep it updated.

Merry Xmas and see u in 2012.

Daves shop

Daves shop
Big thanks to Pedal Pwr for their support