Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Epic Pursuit

This is a race I've wanted to do again since my failed attempt a few years ago. I chose the 50km event as a good hit out in my lead up to Wembo 24.

I rocked up to Hidden Vale and was greeted by an awesome day: a perfect race day with temps rising a little over 30deg.   Racing the Pursuit 50km meant I got to watch the elites and the full epic riders start. After a bit of pre race warm up I soon came to realise that my race had started with out me.  Not an ideal start. The race had started 15min ahead of schedule, although not a massive loss because my time didn't start until I crossed the start line, I did however have a battle over the first few km with traffic.  It wasn't until 20km mark until I came across Zack [Target Trek racing Team mate]. I knew that if I had made it back him I should be up at the pointy end.  My goal for the race was to crack  the 2.5hr mark, so after the road section I decided to make a move on the long climb, hoping to put some time between me and my competition and hopefully catch who ever was in front. 

To be perfectly honest I had a really good race, my average was good and nutrition went to plan and I kept pushing all the way through to the finish line.  It wasn't until I crossed the line that I realised Dave Whitney was just in front, after some quick calculations by the timing team we were told there were only 35 seconds between us... I was stoked to finish so close to a rider that is known for being a pinner.  The end result for me was a race that went to plan, a result I was happy with & a time of 2hr 24min. I managed to get the top spot in the 30-39 cat and a 2nd outright for the 50km.

Thanks to my sponsors: Target Trek Racing team, for my super smooth racing machine; Venture Cycles for keeping my steed dialled in and Rubena for hooking me up with tyres made of glue.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Well as you can see I had a good ride at this years Epic Pursuit [50km].. details to follow

Daves shop

Daves shop
Big thanks to Pedal Pwr for their support