Monday, June 28, 2010


Well after weeks and weeks of trying to get out for a ride with my mate Chris I finally did, the plan for last night was just a roll around to get the legs spinning but on the way back I ran into Chris. Chris was just heading out for his ride so I decided to tag along when i asked him where he was headed the response was Mt Cootha.

Basically we went up the front of Mt Cootha and my type X single speed smashed my legs to pieces, they felt like jelly. My ss is set up 32 on the front and a 13 on the back. Thanks for the ride Chris it's been along time between drinks.

Merida 24hr just around the corner and the competition is looking tight with the usual suspects and rumours of English rocking up.

To other news my two eldest girls have just figured out that riding there bike up and down hills is fun. No idea where they got that from.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mt Perry 6hr

Well after a hectic Friday I met up with good friend Crummy who had made the trip up from Sydney to race. Saterday morning saw us through all the gear in the back of the yellow racing machine and with Al coming along as support crew me and Crummy new we wouldn't have any troubles with bottles throughout the race.

We got to Perry about 1pm on sat and set up the Tomac tent next to Adi and Rob who also had a Tomac tent Fellows and Jo arrived not long after and set the Ay Up truck Denis right next to us also. Me and crummy headed out for a practice lap and well the track is just awsome nice tight single track ect ect. once your there you can appreciate why the event is seen as a must do race.

Sat night saw the night crits I went into this as a bit of a laugh. I am no speed machine and got knocked out first round, Crummy however made it through to the second last round and only just got knocked out. Probably by a handle bar width.

So to the main event: after a average sleep I woke to zero on the temp gauge. Freaking cold lol. Kiri and Michele [Kiri mum] and my 3 girls rocked up and not long after that it was show time. I had got myself into a good position on the start line and after the gun wenti saw myslef sitting in about 8th, the elite field had alot of good rider in it so there was no point in me trying to get away to early and burn myself out, Fellows and Benson soon set the pace so i decided to settle in behind Andrew mallet, he is alot quicker over a 6hr distance then me so it seemed like a good idea. Mean while Fredo and Toohey were sitting a little further up the track. Like with most plans they change I washed out on the first lap and lost mallet, so new plan try and get back to mallet and hopefully fredo and toohey might slow a little and I can catch them around the 4-5hr mark.

Basically my legs decided not want to play for the first 4hrs and I was feeling pretty trashed Crummy was only 30 seconds back and our little state of origan race was going NSW way. This would not do, I saw Crummy and he yells out I see you Bekkers and I thought myself thats the last time you will to Crummy.

So to the interesting bits 4hrs of my legs not wanting play, the last 2hrs I started feeling better and went into 24hr mode. Came 5ht in elite and the state of origan remains in Qld.
Crummy pulled up 3rd in his age group and a massive thanks goes out to Al, Kiri and the girls for supporting us both for the entire race.

To the lads that put this race together thanks heaps for a great track and weekend. I am sure it's going to be bigger and better next year.

Merida next up, I hope my legs want to play.

Thanks heap to Tomac, Super sports and Ay Up for the support

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