Friday, September 25, 2009

Late Night Rides

Well after the worlds I decided that I needed to do some longer training rides [ over 3hrs] so at the beginning of the month I rode from my home in Gympie to Brisbane [ about 196km] with this in mind on Thursday I decided that I would ride from work back to Gympie. I left at 9pm and headed north, I am finally getting use to sitting on my roadie and managed to do my first 120km in about 4hrs which brought up to around Nambour area. Everything went great until the 180km mark Kin Kin area by this time I had done 6hrs on the bike and I totally under estimated how cold it is around the hills there at this time of the morning. I had run out of food and was about 15km from home when I rang Kiri and asked her to come and get me. Kiri's dad came down the rode and picked me up. Basically I had run out of food and I couldn't even climb the smallest of hills I am not sure how cold it was but about 5 degrees would be a good guess, I was very cold it took a good couple of hrs for me too get warm again. Next time I will be a little bit better prepared.

My Ay Ups blazed a path through the night and as fare as a roadie goes my Giant Defy from Pedal pwr Plus was Great.


Go smash yourself

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Giant Bikes

I was lucky enough to be invited to the lauch of the Giant bike range held in Brisbane last night Bling everywhere. I got to touch and see the new carbon Anthem and thats were that will end becuase the bank says NO, the new XX sram stuff looks sick. It was good meeting all the guys from Giant and I might just get myself onto the new 29er.

Cheers Dave for picking me up and taking me along.

Cx out Crummys blog for his product reviews


Monday, September 7, 2009


Well its been a bit over a month since the worlds and the plan was to get back into training at the end of August but I ended up pretty crook so that didn't happen. A week ago and with alot of advice from different people I have crossed over to the dark side and bought myself a roadie at least for the long training rides. I got 2009 defy 1 from Dave shop he has a wicked special on at the moment if anyone interested.

Last week I spent cruising around Brisbane getting use to the bike and over the weekend I decided that sunday nights weather look nice to ride from my home up in Gympie to Brisbane to start work 6:30 Monday morning. After getting some sleepI started my ride at 10:30pm sunday and road my usual ride though all the back ways to Brisbane airport. The traffic was great because there wasn't any and my AyUp's blazed a path through the dark, all up it took me 6hr 40 mins to punch out 196km.


Daves shop

Daves shop
Big thanks to Pedal Pwr for their support