Friday, February 13, 2009

Ay Up D2D

After a quick stop at Brisbane Airport to pick up Crummy, a good mate of mine, we headed straight down for the D2D. We got to the track at about 330pm and Pearso [new nick name Sling Shot] and Kel had already set up camp. I quickly ripped my bikes off the roof and went for a practice lap. The course itself had changed heaps from the Verticon 6hr held last November. The track was a 6km loop made up of switch backs, a fair bit of grass, some loose sandy sections and a few little rock gardens, but over all was not to technical.

Before I knew it, it was time to head over for the riders brief and get into a position for the start. Crummy and I settled into the second row while Andy and Bellie were on the start ready to rip it up, Sling shot was back in the Pack. The gun went and as expected the start was fast and Andy and Bellie were gone, I had a good start and as i usually do went out pretty hard for the first lap then tried to settle into a rhythm. Well like most good plans they fail. My first 6 or so laps were good but then my stomach start tying itself in knots. I stopped at the pits and got some encouragment from my crew and at the same time Crummy passed me. By this stage I think I was in 6th position. I decided to stop with the gels and just live off my Perpetuem [Hammer Nutrition product], this plan worked out and after a lap i had caught crummy up and started to feel better. Whilst i had finally found my rhythm i still had alot of work to do to try for a top 3 finish with fellow Ay UP rider Matt having about 10 minutes on me. I am not sure what lap i was on but coming into a corner after the long grass straight I hear Bellie telling me to jump on the Ay Up train and it was then i knew that i was about to be lapped and this was also my opportunity to make up some ground on 3rd. To my suprise i picked up the tempo and was able to hang on the back of Bellie and Andy Fellows wheel for a lap or so. By this stage it was about 1 am. I had all my lines down pat was in a good rhythm and my crew telling me i was making up time on 3rd and i also put a lap on Crummy. [Anyone who knows me and Crummy will tell you it does not matter what race we are in, as far as we are concerned the race is between us]. By daylight i had managed to get up into third and had a small break on 4th [matt] I pulled into my pit at about 5am and was handed a coffee and told all i had to do was keep it consistant if not try and step it up a little if i could. In the last hr of riding i managed to hold off Matt and also put another lap on Crummy. By the finish Bellie 1st [31 laps] Andy Fellows [ 30 laps] myself [ 30 laps] Crummy[28 laps] and Matt [ 27 laps] slingshot finished on 16 laps.

I want to say thanks to Chris, Nat,Kiri, Kel, and Boo for all the help that you gave all of us in the pits and without you guys i couldn't have achieved my 3rd. Also to Slingshot for giving me a run up the hills every time i came across you on the track. I also need to say thanks to the support crews from Ay UP and around the track that cheered me on the whole race, it was great and makes 12hrs on the bike just a little easier.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dusk til Dawn in short

In short how things went at the Dusk til Dawn. In a top 30 position is good mate Pearso, Matt dog ended up in 5th, Crummy in 4th myself 3rd, Andy Fellows 2nd and Bellie defended his title and came 1st. All up the track was good, the weather was good also. I want to say thanks to Chris, Nat, Boo, Kel and a massive thanks to my soon to be wife Kiri, legendary support crew. I will do a full report soon

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dusk Til Dawn

Well the D2D is just about here. After checking the compeditors list everyone aiming for a top 10 finish is going to have there work cut out for them. With some big names around like Bellie, Fellows, Russell Worthington, Matt Powell and of course Crummy the race is set to be fast. Tapering off for this week has given me time to think about the race and my preparation, race i think i will be in the hurt locker for the 12hrs as far as my preparation goes i am pretty happy. I have been training for the last week and a bit using my Hammer Nutrition gear. I am very happy with it all, the Perpetuem took a little bit of getting use to and i cant wait to hit the race using it. For my last big race i relied on Endura optimizer alot. I have no doubt that Perpetuem is going to live up to my expectations.

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