Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Happening in Bozza World of riding

Well 2013 was awesome and probably one of my best years racing in recent times. With WEMBO 24hr held in Aust, and being able to race with and against friends and riders I hold in high regard, it seems 2013 is going to be hard to beat.

This year I have moved off the newly named Trek Australia racing team, to represent a long time sponsor of mine Ay Up. I have been asked by heaps of people if Ay Up are still even around, and I can assure you they are! Even though you may not have heard much, there has been heaps going on. The R&D department have been hard at work and you will start seeing some new things in the coming months. :-)

This year, I will be flying the Ay UP flag for my racing and with the support of Ventures cycles I should be railing. So what my goals for the year, straight up is the Kona 24hr, not really sure how I will go but that racing.  I have a coach, I know right me being coached. Stay Tuned on this one.

The rest of the year will be getting ready for Wembo Scotland and what ever else I can race between now and then LOL.

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Daves shop
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