Monday, September 13, 2010


I need to put out a massive thankyou to Esanda.

Al cheif pit crew and soon to have her first race under her belt works for Esanda, Al approached them and asked if they would like to sponsor two riders to do the Boonha marathon. She got the go ahead and I was lucky enough get my entry paid for.

So thanks very big to Esanda for the entry. It is very hard to find companies that are prepared to support riders.

Thanks heaps

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well hope all your prpearation for Worlds is going well. Mine is ok but as always I could have done and do more, the joys of work and family.

Anyone want to give me a full time wage to ride?

Well I have been going over the bikes and trying to get them prep. and dailed in for worlds.

I am running my Carbide Sl with pretty much XT/XTR, 2X9 Arozine cranks and Onza Canis tyres.

And my Carbide XC2 with XT, 2X9 Arozine cranks, ZTR Alpine wheelset and Onza Canis tyres.

I have to make a special mention to a couple of people who have been helping me out along the way.....

Firstly my work, Australian Aerospace, who have been awesome in supporting me & my riding. They're giving me time off work to get down there and race this year. If anyone out there wants a helicopter I'm sure I can sort out a deal. :-)

Supersports, for sorting me out with my trusty steeds. I feel sorry for anyone on a hardtail in 3 weeks!

Ay-Up Lights.....need I say more? But after leaving one of my light units sitting in a bucket of soapy water for a week - it worked first time without fail.

Cognition, for sorting me out with all my extras & spares. These boys are located at Noosa & are more than happy to sort anyone out with gear or answer any questions/problems you may have.

Infinite Nutrition, have recently hooked up the Ay-Up team & myself with all our nutritional needs. It's a one stop drink which takes care of the majority of your nutritional requirements, apart from the good stuff like pizza & pancakes :-)

That's it for now.


Daves shop

Daves shop
Big thanks to Pedal Pwr for their support