Sunday, June 24, 2012

The update. Whilst hell is freezing over in Tamworth the training kms have been getting up there. The Mt Perry race was awsome, the track was probably in the best condition i have ever seen. Massive thanks to the Grinding gearz crew for that. Although my race was cut short due to my bike not been quite dialed in, my lap times were pretty good and showed my training is starting to pay off.  Today saw me race the Une club race, it was held at a track called Robbers run. Basically it was a fire road TT and a down hill TT. The club atmosphere was awesome and competitive.
Result, 1st in the up hill TT and 4th in the down hill. Trek Supetfly didnt miss a beat.

Big thanks to Anytime fitness Team, Ay Up,  Venture cycles and Trek

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

couple of pics from the Mt Perry 6hr. Report coming

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4hr super series

After been away for work and managing to get some training under my belt, I was really keen to test the pegs at the 4hr. This course has destroyed my bikes in the past and with recent weather I wasnt expecting a dry race. It was great to catch up with everyone, I was set up with the Venture cycles crew and Jez had scored a sweet spot to trasition too..

Track was about 8.7km with 150ish of vert climbing.

I got a start in the second row and once the gun went off I was sitting top 10. After a small slip up on the first the leaders got away, but with 4hrs anything can happen. I got around the rest of the course without a drama.

The race went on and I got over taken then I would get infront again but to be honest it was great just racing again. The fh really started for me when the rain set in and everything got slippery. My training in parklands really showed. towards the end of the race I was startng to cramp and with 9minutes left on the clock I decided to call it a day.

All up i had a great day racing caught up with heaps of really good poeple and managed to sneak in some box time with a 3rd.

Thanks too Venture cycles, Anytime Fitness mtb, Ay up and the lad off the team

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Touching base

Hey guy
Its been a while but this weekend will see me race the 4hr up here in sunny Qld. Then im heading back to Tamworh for work, this new job has given me the time to get to races so eNext weekend is Port Macquire 24hr, they have acouple of different race formats so the 6+6 is what i will be racing there. Im looking forward to getting sime races under the belt. Catch u there

Racing training right?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

UNE Armidale 12hr

Where to start?
Well, with my current job I have been struggling to get the k's in. To be honest, I have been struggling to even do 150km per month for the last 6 months. What did I expect from this Solo 12hr then ? I didn't know what to expect.

I have a love/hate relationship with road trips, love going to races but hate getting there. It was awsome rocking out to a race that is so relaxed and had a great atmosphere. The track was dry! Yes, hard to believe, I know!

Stats: 12km loop of tech. ; some north shore type stuff; a couple of good climbs and some fast flowing single track to start and finish the loop. Race day was prettry warm, and not knowing how I would handle the race I started nice and slow behind English and Hall. I was sitting in 3rd by about the 4hr mark. This is where my lack of training started to have an effect. My lap times slowed and all the stress surrounding my imminent job change was screwing with my head. I got off my bike for quiet a while, and from there on in the rest of the race for me became a training session. I would go out and smash some laps, then have a break and tweak my ride. The track was great and made you want to get back out there. Basically I got 9hr of training in, which I was quite happy with - all things considered. If nothing else, I had an awesome weekend of training, and am keen as to get back to the pointy end of racing.

I saw lots of poeple who were just out there for their own personal satisfaction. In the end that's all that matters.

Thanks heaps NEMTB for a super race!

Bike of choice: Trek Superfly
Lights: Ay Ups

Thanks heaps to Anytime Fitness and Venture Cycles for the support.

Now to my job and training. I have resigned from my job in Cooroy, and will be spending the next 6 months working in Tamworth. Now the sweet endless trails of Armidale are an hr away, for three weekends a month at least... I'll hopefully be able to race both QLD & NSW races while I'm down there.

Rubber side down

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As you have probably noticed, once again we are on a different bike this year. A lot of factors have caused change to the team, but we have the same goal: race hard and have fun.

Basically the Ay Up team has become part of the Anytime Fitness team, QLD department. The Qld team consists of Andy, myself, Ethan, Jack and Roger. Our shop is Venture cycles and we are lucky enough to be supported by Trek bikes. My weapon of choice is the Trek Superfly. Freaking unreal bike to ride.

Ay Up is lighting the way, and quite frankly - why would you want anything else? check out the new gear.

Venture cycles has some pretty sweet gear - obviously Trek - but they also have the Bontrager goods. My new shoes are the most bling set I've ever had (with carbon!!!) & I'm loving them!

Anytime fitness mtb team:
This team has some of the most respected and talented riders in Australia. I almost feel like a gumby compared them. The team was brought together to support riders and help them acheive their goals, and with Richard Peil at the helm I'm sure we will!

So expect more updates soon. UNE 12hr report soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

LunarC is swimming under water

Once again Qld is getting pump with rain, this has forced the organisers to make the choice to cancel the a little bummed about not racing but super keen to get ready for the 12hr coming up.

Woop Woop

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well Feb is here, no racing so far but that about to change. Tis weekend will see the LunaC 8hr. It's been the same old thing for me not enough training. My new job has been hectic to say the least, despite this i am determined to have fun this weekend. Im bringing it back to where it all started and racing Single speed. Wish my legs luck LOL. There is a change in the wind for the Ay Up team. Im not going to let too much away this week.
Stay tuned for the news.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Things are happening in Bozza Land.

Stay tuned and try not to get to wet in SE QLD.

Daves shop

Daves shop
Big thanks to Pedal Pwr for their support