Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pwr Breather part 2

As you know from a couple of post ago I have been trialing a pwr breather over the week I have been sick so I haven't spent any time on the bike but I have been using the pwr breather. It is hard for me to give you any figures on my improvement as I don't train or ride with any heart rate monitor etc. what I can tell you is over the past week or 2 every time i use the PB i find it easier and it's nearly time for me to step it up to the next setting. I think at this stage there are benefits in using this product if anything I think you would get a similar benefit to training at altitude. I will give you a update in a month


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For the Riders

Becuase I work in Brisbane and go home on the weekends its impossible for me to get all of my work done through my Local shop when I spend so much time in Brisbane. Tim and the boys from For the Riders have helped me out with heaps over the last year, and in the week leading up to me leaving for Canada were able to fully service my bike forks and wheelset to ensure I wouldn't have any problems. So if your in Brisbane and need some help to get out of a jam give Cx these boys out Like wise if your up my way Pedal pwr plus will help you out.




I have a set of 100mm Fox RL's with remote lock out if anyone is keen. They have seen appox. 12hrs use there off my new xtc that i got a couple of months ago. They have been serviced and are good to go I am asking $1000 ono. I thought I would put them on my blog before i go throw them in the paper.

Later Bozza

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pwr Breather

In the week leading up to the worlds a mate of mine rang me and said that he wanted to through my name to a guy by the name of Tim Perkins who is the general manager of a company called Health Management group Grant has be using a product of there called a Power breather and I was lucly enough to get one from Tim to give it ago myself, Grant told me they are basically dumbbells for your lungs.

From what i have read and been told they don't increase your lungs capacity but they increase the efficiency of your lungs instead. In a nutshell the exercise your lungs. It's about 4-6 weels before you notice any real change in your breathing and studies have shown that there a gain of about 3-4% in your performance which sounds like stuff all but when you add that up over 24hrs of riding even 1% difference is alot.

Firstly you start on a build up phase of 30 breaths twice a day for 4-6 weeks then you go onto a maintenance phase.

I have not had alot time to use it but I will keep you posted on my progess. If your interested give me and email or you can get in contact with the boys fro Action Cycles in Chermside.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

World Solo 24hr

Well I just want to say Cananda rocks, great palce to ride and I wish I had more time over there.

To the race,

race day rocked a round with a scorching 36 degree's so it was just like racing in summer back here. There course it's self I think is best described as Mt Stromlo and Majura Pines course in one for those of you that have raced around Canberra, The course had around 500m of climbing per lap and stretched 16km.

After been introduced to the start line just before 12 it was a 500m lamonze start had a good run and had no idea were I was in the pack so on the bike and on with the job. My plan was as always go out farely hard get into a good position and work from there. After 3 or 4 laps Kiri told me that I was leading my category which I was surprised to hear. So all I had to do was stay in first for the next 21hrs easier said then done.

Basically for the rest of the race I battle the course and my body and then hit the wall around 12hr mark, the course was rough and even though I needed to eat a didn't want too. After taking some advice from Andy I loaded up on everything bad like coke, redbull and Gels to get myself back in the game.

By morning the hills seemed bigger but it didn't matter I rode well through the night and by the 20hr mark I think had put about 2 laps into second. I basically rode the rest of the race just to finish and not do anything to stupid. I ended up taking the win in the 25-29 category and finished 18th overall. I need to say thank you to my beautiful wife Kiri for looking after me and kicking my arse back out on course whenever I stopped for to long, also to Vang Andys mate that came down to the race to help cheers mate. Thanks very much Andy for showing me and Kiri around and helping to get me ready to race and well done on being the world #3. Ay Up

Big thanks to my sponsors and to everyone that helped me achieved this result.


Australian Aerospace

Pedal Pwr plus [ Giant bikes]

Hammer nutrition

The race itself and the course was tough and beat me up but I would go over and do it all again. The race next year is coming to Australia so get training. How good will it be doing the worlds on our own turf.


Daves shop

Daves shop
Big thanks to Pedal Pwr for their support