Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inferno 6hr

The course was between 10-11km at old hidden vale. This course in particular is the one that the teams riders for the merida 24hr hr will be riding in July. The conditions were perfect bone dry and fun fast course. For me 6hr events are not my thing but because I was in Brisbane for the weekend anyway I thought a 6hr would be good training.

All I wanted to achieve for the race was to put down some fast consistant times for myself I was not to concerned were I finished but on the box is always good. I am not going to bore you with a long drawn out post so I will just get to the important end. I held an average of just over 20km/hr for the race had not mechanicals and finished in 2nd. 121km total.

My Carbide sl ate everything the course could throw at it and I didn't really give any consideration to slow down going into the rock gardens, were everyone seemed to be flatting. My Canis tyre were a great match to the sl and I never had a problem with traction.

I would like to thank my sponsors Tomac for my carbon stead, Onza for keeping me glued to the track, Pedal pwr plus and Ay up for all there support.


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Daves shop
Big thanks to Pedal Pwr for their support