Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SS QLD state champ.

As some of you are aware I started racing MTB on a single speed, my first 24hr was I actually raced SS back in 2008. Since then though I haven't raced a single speed and with the SS state champs being only a week after the Kona 24hr I thought it would be a good chance to give it ago again LOL. 2nd race in a week I got to fly the Ay UP flag pumped.

I put the my SS stead together the day before the race and geared it up 32/19.

Kaitlin being the keen racer was  geared up for the mudrats race. The race was short but she raced hard, wont be long and ill be the one on the sidelines cheering my girls on.

As you can see I had a good race, riding SS is awesome fun I actually forgot how much.  This race pulled a lot of keen SS riders out of the woodworks. From the get go the racing was tight, it remained that way throughout the 50km.  On the first lap or 2 I got to chat the David Stallan, he was geared quite a lot higher then me running a 32/15, this meant although he would be hurting on the pinch climbs he could put a lot of time into the field on the decents and flats, the best thing I could hope for here is that he would slow over the last few laps. As it turned out he kept the pressure on all the way to the end.  Lasse Juel Hansen kept me honest the whole race and to be honest most of the SS field finished within 10 minutes of each other. 

quick stats:   50km,7 lap race
                      2hr 15min
                      2nd SS State champs

Big thanks to Kiri and my girls, best support crew. Thanks to my sponsors Ay Up lights, Venture cycles, Shotz kept me dialled in all race and Rubena tyres for the grip.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kona 24hr

Last year the Kona 24hr was awesome, and with National 24hr put on hold til the end of the year this year's race attracted a strong field. This would be my first solo race since WEMBO last year. Unsure of my form - but hoping that I had done enough leading up - everything was set for a great race.

Being a more local race for me, the girls were able to come too and I was able to roll around with the girls while they competed in the kids race. Both the girls were rocking the Ay Up colours and had a ball. I think they found a bit of racing mongrel over the weekend though, as both girls are keen to race again. During the race Maia was MIA - on the jumping castle.
To my race: My plan was pretty simple, turn the crews up on the start and see who was keen to play. There were a lot fast boys lining up around me. The gun went, and from the get go I found myself leading out the field, including the 4hr competitors. This remained for the first lap and then Andrew Lloyd & two 4hr team riders passed me in transition. On the first long climb I felt the tempo had slowed, so I passed them again and Lloydy came with me and we dropped the other two. This remained the case for the next lap or so until my seat and private region came to a disagreement on the rock garden. This incident saw me take the next half hour off the bike and reassess my race goals. My new goal was to do what I needed to and not push myself to potentially cause anymore damage. I got back on the bike after some chatting with Kiri and laid down some nice laps. By lights on I had ridden back into 1st in my category. As you guys know I love night riding and the night seemed to roll through fairly quickly for me. Kiri informed me throughout the night that I had moved back up into 2nd overall but Andrew had put a lap into me by this stage. I was using a new light beam configuration from Ay Up and I found myself using the lights on a lower power setting which meant I didn't have to do battery changes as often. Happy days. 
Morning was here, and Kiri had an egg and bacon roll waiting for me - love breakfast at this stage. Kiri also told me that I had 4 laps on 2nd in my category. After a quick calculation we worked out I only had to roll one more lap out to secure my position. I was also sitting 2nd overall with the ever strong Bellchambers about 10 minutes back. I made the decision here to stick to my plan and do what  needed. I ended up rolling the last lap and then pulling up stumps. Looking back after a few days, I'm happy with my decision and there is always another race.
I would like to thank AY UP for all their support this year (and for the best lights ever) and Venture for keeping my steeds dialled in, bike never missed a beat. Big thanks to Kiri and the girls for all your help.
Big thanks also goes out to the OHV crew for another wicked race, hopefully see you for the 3+3.
stats: 300km covered and 5th-ish overall

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Happening in Bozza World of riding

Well 2013 was awesome and probably one of my best years racing in recent times. With WEMBO 24hr held in Aust, and being able to race with and against friends and riders I hold in high regard, it seems 2013 is going to be hard to beat.

This year I have moved off the newly named Trek Australia racing team, to represent a long time sponsor of mine Ay Up. I have been asked by heaps of people if Ay Up are still even around, and I can assure you they are! Even though you may not have heard much, there has been heaps going on. The R&D department have been hard at work and you will start seeing some new things in the coming months. :-)

This year, I will be flying the Ay UP flag for my racing and with the support of Ventures cycles I should be railing. So what my goals for the year, straight up is the Kona 24hr, not really sure how I will go but that racing.  I have a coach, I know right me being coached. Stay Tuned on this one.

The rest of the year will be getting ready for Wembo Scotland and what ever else I can race between now and then LOL.

Rubber side Down

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ay Up Dusk til Dawn [Tamworth]

As some of you may know, the last dusk til dawn on the east coast was in SEQ some years back. I have been working in Tamworth for 2 years now, and while the local riding scene there is great, in recent months (due to a lot of motivated peeps) the MTB scene has been on the up and up. A good friend (and race promoter) suggested the idea of a Tamworth 12hr, and asked my thoughts on when to run it due to the heat. Me - loving night riding - suggested a D2D. Daniel ran with this idea and the Tamworth D2D was born.

The Track: 11km of lets say 'brutal' climbing, as well as lots of twisty corners and pinchers. The best thing though, was that we got some rain 2 days out from the race which turned this track - that had been like riding on marbles - into Hero Dirt. Strava was always going to get a work out with these conditions.  I'm not sure of final figures but we ended up with around 80-100 keen night riders. This event was just like what I had raced in years past.

The Race: I don't want to ramble for too long, but since it was the first race of the year for both of us  and I wanted to be sociable during the race, Crummy and I decided to race pairs. Ay Up was there to manage the charging tent and some peeps scored some sick light kits as random awesome prizes. Crummy and I managed 1st in our category & 4th overall after a tight race with the JT Fossy racing crew. This bunch are made up Ray Griffin, Pete Selkrig and Phil Welch, each of these riders are exceptional in there own right over various disciplines. Thanks for keeping us honest guys.

All up the race was a huge success in my eyes. It reminded me of the D2D of old, and I'm sure next year it's going to be bigger and better than ever. Massive thanks to all involved in making it a success, also a big thanks to Ay Up for putting up some sick prizes and supporting the Tamworth MTB scene.

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