Friday, February 11, 2011


This year is bringing some changes for me and my racing. As you know the Ay Up racing team is formed and we have some great sponsors that are going to support us through the 2011 season, Andy Machine Fellows is team manager so as you can imagine he has us lined up for some fun.

With the team not looking for sponsorship with Tomac this year meant, LunarC 8hr was the last ride for my Tomac carbide. I just want to say thanks to Rodney and Bec for all your support throughout the 2010 seanson.

Stay tuned all will be revealed in good time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

LunarC 8hr

Location: Scout Camp

Start Time: 12 midnight

Expectation: with this race being the first of the year I was pretty confident that there would be some stiff competition. With the like of Boothy, Crawford, Tim, Matt and the ever present dark horse my aim was for a top 5 result over all.

It was good to see the guys and lady [ kitten] from AA out and ready to punish themselves for 8hrs, Pearso, Richard, Smac, Al and Mike have all been training hard leading into this event and apart from trying to beat each other they all had there own goals they want to acheive. Firstly I want to that Kiri, John and Kel for all there help in keeping my nutrition up to me.

Well as usual you try to do the right thing and have a sleep leading into the race, that never ever happens for me so once 11pm rocked around I was on the bike and out for a warm up. I had already riding the track earlier in the day so I knew a good start would be key for setting me up for a good result.

I foud myself on the front of the start line [not usually where I like to be sitting but what the hell] Boothy was on the left of me, I knew from past racers that he would be off like a shot so my plan was as always ride my own race and see how we end up. The gun went off and as expected Boothy had put the hammer down, I found myself in the top 10 into the single track which right where I was hoping to be.

The first 2hrs were really well and the 2-4hr mark was terrible I was all over the show messing up corners it was pretty gross. But looking back at my lap times they didn't vary too much.

The rest of the race went well I started to come good after the 4hr mark. For the entire race I managed to average 30 min laps with my quickest 26min and slowest 33min.

All up after 16 laps the course had just on or over 2700m of vetrticle ascent. I had never riden this course before but it was heaps better to ride then slickers, more tech and hills.

With Alister Cook giving me a good run on his SS, I made break for it with 4 laps to go and kept the pressure on I managed to finish 2nd outright to Tim.

All up I am stoked with my race, nutrition was great Infinite was key with a bottle of coke for good measure. I also ran my compressports calf garment and it worked a treat absolutely no pain, cramps nor did my calves feel fatigued, I am sure these things work.

Tubeless Canis tyre were the go for the course, no flats and heaps of grip what more do you want.

Last and definately the best on the market, Ay Up lights kept me riding in daylight. Check out the website there are some pretty cool options for you at Ay Up now.

Until the next race

Later Bozza

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