Monday, June 20, 2011

Monkey off My Back

Last weekend saw the last race of the QLD Enduro series, the 8hr. As you know my past few races have been anything but good, mechanical and the 24hr I saw aside of myself I would rather forget. So the plan leading into this race was to punch out 11 laps, and above all have fun and finish.

Race day came around really quick, when we got out to the course Sunday morning it was nice 2 degrees or something none QLD like that. From doing a practice lap the day before I knew it was going to be a rough course and although I had my dually there ready as a spare I was determined to ride the 29er and not let myself throw a race due to lack of time on a bike. I started back off the front and rolled through the first part of the course which would eventually turn into a Muddy pit, once at the first climb I decided to stay up in the gears and keep a little pace up, Clint Peirce was riding in front of me and from previous races I knew he was in good form. Having done alot of training on a single speed in the past and even now on the road bike now knowing that I climb out of the saddle on every hill, this was to be my approach for the entire race keep it in the big ring and climb every hill out of the saddle. SS roots.

As the race went on Clint kept opening up a lead and on the 3rd lap he bolt away, at this stage of the game I had no intention of chasing him down and I concentrate on keeping my lap times consistent and keep my nutrition right, I seem to always fall down in the nutrition department when it comes to racing. Kel pit crew expert kept me informed of my laps times and gap to the next rider, Mickers thanks for throwing me some splits as well. Every lap I kept increasing my lead on third as did Clint from me. The Segma 29er was great to roll on the course and handled everything that I could throw it over, but like everyone else on the course the it was punishing on the hands and arms, for the last few laps I was literally peeling my hands of the grip so I could stretch my hands out especially at the end of Rock Bottom.

All up for the race: My 29er was a weapon on the course, I got my target of 11 laps and depending on whether you use your garmin or the lap detail this equates to either just over or under 160km in 8hr 1min for me. STOKED. My average for the race was 19.4km another victory. !st in Opens and 2nd outright, a special mention goes to Kel, she crewed for 4 or 5 of us the entire race and as always had our gear ready to go.. Thanks heaps Kel. Pearso, Mikey and Richard rode well and Al coming over the line 4th and taking out 3rd in the series. Congrats to you all. Team mates Andy and Nathan took 2nd in the pairs category, Go team AY UP.

Rumour has it next year there will be a 5 races series.

Afeter some consistant weeks of training things are looking up fro getting some form back.

Keep the rubber down

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tailwind Promotions Super series Race 3

Team Launch

Well life is finally starting to settle into a routine which means my riding and training is becoming more consistant Woop Woop. But for some exciting news the Officail launch of the Ay Up racing team is this weekend, so keep your eyes pealed for the boys rocking the tracks.

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Daves shop
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