Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canis Tyre [Onza]

Well I didn't think I would be giving you a little review on this tyre so quick but I think these tyres are the best thing since Ay UP and Sram pwr links hit the market. So this is how it went last night me and my good mate Chris wacked a set of Canis tyres on our bikes Chris rides a Cannondale F1 and I put the set on my XTC we drove to the top of Mt Cootha and our plan was to drop into Gap creek from near channel 9 news HQ. The tyres claim to be a loose over hard, hard packed and medium soil tyre so what better place to give them a test ride then out at Gap Creek, being on new tread that we have never ridden on we were alittle reserved on our approach to the first fire road descent as it was all loose over hard but this reserved feeling was quickly put to bed as the tryes lived up to more then they promised, we found ourselves trying to get the trye to loose there grip [bearing in mind we were on a loose fire trail descent] within 400m of track we were stoked with both of us saying at the same time we had found the best tyre we have ever ridden on.

So how did they perform in the single track well lets just say that I don't think me and Chris could smile any harder then when finished our first peace of single infact Chris kinda look like Lenny off the Simpsons. We found the tyres were just point and shoot they went exactly were you wanted them to go and we had no problem cornering, rolling efficiency was outstand the tighter tread design in the centre of the trye doing exactly what it was ment to, roll and fast I myself had never used small block 8's but Chris told me they are faster then them and he probably won't be using small block 8's again.

Now to finish off our ride we decided to go back up the same fire road we came down to start with, we got treated to the same with the tyre just sticking we had no wheel spin and thats even being out of the saddle and putting the big ones in.

To sum up the best tyre both of us have ever ridden on. Get some on your bike


Rach said...

best gear review ever!

entered for october yet?

Sean Bekkers said...

Thanks mate. No not yet going to have to wait for some coin I think. How have you been traveling?????

Rach said...

how have I been travelling? frequently and without a bike. Been working like a dog and when not working have been reminding my family who am I... Planning on kicking back into some type of training in December and fanging for some real racing!!!

going to pitchblack?

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