Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well it's been a little bit since I have updated my blog. Following my epic fail of a ride back to Gympie a few weeks ago I didn't train as much because I didn't feel 100% and following that I caught one super charged flow for 2 weeks. This bring me up to the week before last were I raced the Delxc flow 6hr. Still not feeling great i decided before the race that it was going to be a warm up for the Titus 24hr. The track was not real technical but had a bit of climbing and overall the field was fast, I rode until 12 were I stopped and had a rest then continued on until on. I placed 10th and with my sights set on having a good race at the Titus I was pleased with my result.

On a different note the boys from KWT have hooked me up with some Onza tyres, I will punch out a review soon.

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