Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pitch Balck 12hr

Well this race is the last one for me for the year and also marks the start of my training for next year the plan for this race was to have fun and race with a good mate of mine Chris. The course is set out at old Hiddenvale were the Merida 24hr was held earlier in the year, the track was 11km long and had a bit of everything little rock gardens, fast flowing sections and afew climbs to keep you honest. Our plan was to do a lap each and then go to double laps for the rest of the race Fitzy[Chris] had been nominated for the first Lap honours,our crew consisted of the usual suspects Kiri, Pearso, Kel, Nat and Boo there was also the crew form actions cycles having a crack at the solo Mick and Grant and Cam and co. came out also for moral abuse, Andy Fellows was there to race the solo category also.

First lap saw Fellows leading the race out of the first corner and Fitzy about forth, 27 min later saw Andy lay down the fastest lap of the race and Fitzy came in 4 min later post a massive crash, I went out and although may lap time was around the 30 min I was all over the show over shooting corners and making lots of silly mistakes by the time I came back in Fitzy was ready to hit the double laps and it was time to settle in for the night, we kept the lap consistent and after 5hrs we finally caught up to Andy [ I think it was because he slowed down] by this stage we had hit the lead outright but there was a 3 man team Red back cycles that were not more then 3 mins behind us the whole race trying to grab the outright position. This went on for the rest of the race they caught us twice throughout the night but we managed to get back in front and by morning I was feeling a little secondhand and by the time Fitzy finished his last double there was only 34 min left on the clock before the 12hr mark so I quickly grabbed the transponder and went for it, I knew the redback team were only 1 min behind and I would have to pull out all stops to keep the win, my lap went really well I ended up back to the start finish with 40 sec left on the clock Fitzy went out to seal the deal with another lap.

Bozz and Fitz 1st pairs

Andy Fellows 1st solo

Mick 2ND solo

Mark Ay Up 3rd in cat on a SS

Rach 1st solo

Race was good and the 24hr out there next year is going to be fun

Keep the legs burning


Andy Fellows said...

I call that an AYUP domination... Respect.

Sean Bekkers said...

Yep Yep

Crummy said...

Ahh, well done you lot, now come down here and try that ;)

Sean Bekkers said...

That sounds like your a bit lonely Crummy??

Anonymous said...

一起加油吧 ........................

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