Monday, June 1, 2009

My new Bike

Here it is the my new ride from Giant. I have changed a couple of things from when I got it, I took the 819 mvic wheel set off and put my XT wheelset on instead and also put a set of Next raceface Carbon bars on it to. After going for a thrash on the 50km Noosa enduro track I have got to say it's very sweet bike to ride and very very comfortable cant wait to have a good run on it at the Mt Perry race this weekend.
I have also been trailing a set of Esi grips and they seem to be pretty good also, will do a review after this weekend.
smash it


Crummy said...

touch it!
EAT it!

Sean Bekkers said...

you know you wanna touch it.

Sick Mick said...

sic bike

Sean Bekkers said...

You might see it trying to hang off the back of your wheel on the weekend.

Brad Toomeys Cycling Journey said...

YEOWWW sexy!
I'll see you on the weekend mate, I'll try talk to you as your flying past! if you dont leave me at the start ill try keep you company, otherwise im only there for fun, woo hooooo pumped

Sean Bekkers said...

yep I will catch you there mate. I am sure I wont be flying past you

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