Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mt Perry

Firstly I just want to say it was a great track with good hard climbs and big rewards coming back down to transition. I am already making plans to go back up for next years event. My goals for this race was to try and get into the top 5 if not 3, give the XTC a run and have fun.

As it turned out this was not my race, going into the first cornerI think I was in around 15th and after the first couple of climbsI am pretty sure I made it to around 6th and that was pretty much the end of it for me. Coming down the first technical switch back I ended up over the bars and flated about 2 minute after that.

To cut along story and excuses short I ended up pulling out of the race after three laps, not real proud of it but thats racing.

The XTC is wicked

Next up Insomnia 24

Well done to Andy Fellows who took number one spot and to Sick Mick who came 2nd in his catergory and 5th over all.

Keep the Legs Burning


Sick Mick said...

it was a prettie tough 6hr

Brad Toomeys Cycling Journey said...

Theres always next time Bozza. I wish stopped to help with ya flat now! I wasn't racing seriously and I would of loved to have abused and pumped you up to help you catch them =P When you didn't fly past me I was surpised and asked people where you were! so I stopped and waited than someone told me you had left =[

Crummy said...

DNF is not racing, so pull up those socks mate.
Remember where this all came from and how you felt connecting those dirt corners.

Sean Bekkers said...

Its better to be safe then sorry mate. But you are right

Brad Toomeys Cycling Journey said...

yeah, I was asking where you went. I heard from Mick.

Yep, yoursef? I'm in a 4 mixed team. I can't wait to I'm old enough to do these racings solo!

Hubcap said...

Hey Boz, what division are you doing at Insomnia?? I didn't see you on the solo start list?

Catch you there, well you'll probably catch me more than once but I'm working on fixing that. :)

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