Monday, May 25, 2009


With about six weeks of training left as well as the Insomnia 24hr and Noosa enduro before the Worlds I am at the stage where I have to be on the bike no matter what the weather. As I was on late shift this week and didn't start work until 2pm Monday I decided that Monday morning would be great oppurtunity to put some K's under the belt for the week.

I decided to ride from my home in Gympie to work in Brisbane Aiport, the route I went is starting Cedar pocket i would stay off the highway an go all the back ways through all the little towns Kin Kin. The hills around Landsborough are pretty big and great for training. It turned out to be 207km ride in abouot 7.5hrs on my XTC.

I just want to clear up one thing most poeple have told me that I am insane I just want to say you are 100% correct and I even went to the doctors and had it confirmed, he put a insane stamp on my hand but it washed off in the rain.

Smash it up no excuses


Brad Toomeys Cycling Journey said...

You are insane! but I want to be like you.. Does that make me insane?
I want a stamp!


Sean Bekkers said...

No your not insane just a 24hr nut job.

Crummy said...

Yep, I am a softy.

These roadies I have been riding with gave me a bit to work for today.

Time to get out on the bike, what is the time? Alright then.


Sean Bekkers said...

Don't let them skinny wheelers get the better of you crummy. On your bike! How you been mate? I tried to leave a comment on your page but it is not woking.

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