Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hammer Nutrition

Well i think its about time i did a review on the Hammer nutrition product i have been using since the beginning of the year. Before i picked up my sponsorship with Hammer i was using Endura optimizer and the Endura electrolytes for my races and they worked pretty good with no major problems. When i started on the Hammer products i started using Hammers equivilent [ perpetuem]to endura optimizer, it took about a week to get used to the taste but apart from that worked great. I got about a month of training with Hammer Perpetuem, and the Gels before the Dusk til Dawn in Feb. The Dusk til Dawn was going to be the first major test to see if Hammer was going to be as good as Endura. The first two hrs of my race i felt very average and it basically came down to me putting to much food in my head. So at the three hr mark i cut most of my food and just lived off perpetuem, it went down very easily and didn't feel heavy in my gut.

As it turned out i didn't eat for about five hrs and was still putting in great lap times, and perpetuem was the only thing fueling me apart from the odd lolly or two. To sum up the dusk til dawn has probably been my best race to date and i managed to put in great times in against a quality feild. Since the Dusk til Dawn i have been using Heed [ which is Hammers electrolytes sports drink ] is very easy to get down and dosn't have the really artificial taste like some other drinks. In the past when i have used other sports drink and i would always give myself a half dose of what was recommended because the recommended amount would just make me feel sick. Heed is the first sports drink i have used that i can have the recommended amount and dosn't make me feel sick.

I have also started using the recovery drink by hammer nutrition [Recoverite]as well because i have not used recovery drinks in the past i cant give you a comparison to other drinks. I can tell you that i am not a huge fan of the taste but it has worked very well for me i have been recovering in between my ride alot quicker in turn letting me train harder.

To sum up you would expect someone sponsored by a company to say good things about that product. I really do believe that Hammer products are very very good and if you want a quality product to race and train with then give it a go. Hammer nutrition go into alot of detail on there website about there product.


Crummy said...

Do you work of AA or Hammer?

Ride hard, ride far!

Sean Bekkers said...

Rich coming from the king of reviews.

ride far not sure about fast.

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