Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Face,the Forehead and the Window licker

This was the name of our three man team that enter the geocentric 6hr held on at a property at Kurwongbah. Our team was made up of myself Chris[ The Forehead] and Pearso[ The Face] and you can work out who the window licker was. Chris manage to put us in first place right from the first lap with a 19:09 min lap so for the rest of the race all we needed to do was maintain the lead, i headed out for my lap and put in a solid time, pearso was then out for our third lap and literally smashed himself [27:48] he came in pretty smoked but recovered well to continue putting in solid time for the remainder of the race. The course itself had a bit of everthing in it hills, single track and fire road, but the challendging part was the mud. With the amount of recent rain the track was soaked with two sections pretty much unriderable, dispite this we all had a ball and the 1st place was the first time any of us have got a 1st in MTB racing. I will say thanks to everyone involved in the race it was great and to our support team[ wombat inc.] thanks alot.



Bradley Toomey's Cycling Adventure said...

congrauts Bozza and team =]
That was you who beeped me past strathpine? I was zoned out thinking about dinner and you gave me a fright!! Nice meeting you and see you around!


Sean Bekkers said...

yep sorry about the beep mate. you stood out on that nice ride of yours, catch you on the track

Thanks for the congrats too


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