Monday, January 3, 2011

Compressports review #1

Well I guess the first question you would have is, what makes these little beauties better then anything else on the market? Sure Skins and 2XU are a very well known product and I have used both in the past.

So what makes compessports different? I have individual garments, meaning that I have a set for my thighs and a set for my calves. I know you thinking so what other brands bring out calf garments and this is true but, when you want to buy a compression garment just for your thighs you usually have to buy another set of knick [ which costs heaps] with compressports you can wear it with your normal riding kit.

I have to say wearing this gear while riding is really comfy and i can't wait to wear it during my next race. I usually don't ride with compression garments on and only use them for recovery, I have notices a huge difference with my training while using the compressports gear and would recommend it to anyone who is in the market for it.
Compressports brings you compression garment s at a resonable price. So if your in the market for some new gear have a little look
Stay tuned for the Osprey bag review. [ Crummy]


Crummy said...

interested in hearing more about the thigh compressports. do they have have a spf rating? and how did you get a set big enough for those kegs of yours?

Sean Bekkers said...

hey mate.

I got mine custom made LOL. Spf rating could you break it down a little for me.
Cx out this website you might get a bit better info.

They are the are really good to ride in. Hows the sand treating you ?

Rach said...

that is a great idea.
i do have a pair of skins knicks, but while I like the compression - i'd prefer to wear my team kit....

i guess this way you can do both...

Crummy said...

thanks for the ref.

sand isnt to hot this time of year. things are heating up in the way of training though, hopefully an upgrade for more power.

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