Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pwr Breather

In the week leading up to the worlds a mate of mine rang me and said that he wanted to through my name to a guy by the name of Tim Perkins who is the general manager of a company called Health Management group Grant has be using a product of there called a Power breather and I was lucly enough to get one from Tim to give it ago myself, Grant told me they are basically dumbbells for your lungs.

From what i have read and been told they don't increase your lungs capacity but they increase the efficiency of your lungs instead. In a nutshell the exercise your lungs. It's about 4-6 weels before you notice any real change in your breathing and studies have shown that there a gain of about 3-4% in your performance which sounds like stuff all but when you add that up over 24hrs of riding even 1% difference is alot.

Firstly you start on a build up phase of 30 breaths twice a day for 4-6 weeks then you go onto a maintenance phase.

I have not had alot time to use it but I will keep you posted on my progess. If your interested give me and email or you can get in contact with the boys fro Action Cycles in Chermside.


Rach said...

be interested to see how you find it.... have seen them - curious!

you epic'ing?

Sean Bekkers said...

give you a update soon mate

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