Monday, February 2, 2009

Dusk Til Dawn

Well the D2D is just about here. After checking the compeditors list everyone aiming for a top 10 finish is going to have there work cut out for them. With some big names around like Bellie, Fellows, Russell Worthington, Matt Powell and of course Crummy the race is set to be fast. Tapering off for this week has given me time to think about the race and my preparation, race i think i will be in the hurt locker for the 12hrs as far as my preparation goes i am pretty happy. I have been training for the last week and a bit using my Hammer Nutrition gear. I am very happy with it all, the Perpetuem took a little bit of getting use to and i cant wait to hit the race using it. For my last big race i relied on Endura optimizer alot. I have no doubt that Perpetuem is going to live up to my expectations.

Whip them legs


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