Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mt Annan Rocky Trail 7hr

Due to some knee damage over the past couple of week my training has been patchy, on the up side when I have been on the bike it has been pretty fast. So all in all no complaints.

So find a race that will suit my riding for the time being, the Rocky trail 7hr ticked that box. To make it more awesome I was able to team up with National under 19 XC champ Holly Harris. What a team mate right.

Racing the enduro scene  in Sydney is always good, you get the very best riders and this race was no exception. The likes of Gordo and Ed Mcdonald to name afew.  Good friend of mine Crummy gave us a head up on the course, basically you had to be on it the whole time, tight twisty switch backs lots of climbing, wicked A lines this race has it all. Holly with some convincing took up first lap honours, she had a pretty good start and smashed her way through the field to be the first female back to transition, I was up next, I got on the gas from the get go, although I did hold back a little to scope out the sneaky lines.

We went lap for lap and we increased our lead every lap, things seemed to be going really well.
Because I was treating each of my laps as a hot lap, I wasn't quite ready for what was about to happen..........

Holly had gone out on her lap and being the machine she is, she pushed a little hard and found her bike had been dragged out from under her. After picking herself up out of the rocks it was obvious her race had been cut short. Holly had a pretty awesome cut to her knee. Luckly we had put a lot of effort in early and all I needed to do was tap the next 3 laps out. After being fueled up by Crummy, Donna and Holly I headed out, I felt good but because of putting everything I had in on the previous laps I was getting pretty tired.  With 30 min plus left on the clock we were far enough in front that we could call it a day.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Crummy and Donna for having us, Holly for being an awesome team mate, heaps sick racing with someone as keen as yourself to smash it.

Thanks to my Sponsors, Target trek racing team, my Superfly was unreal and seriously fast, Rubena for the super glue like tread, Venture cycles for keeping my bikes in tuned, never misses a beat

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