Thursday, April 4, 2013

UNE12hr at the Piney


Quick stats:      13.5km course at Armidale NSW. The track had it all, nice consistant climbing, pinch climbs, rock gardens and most of all the track left you keen to go out for more.


Result:   2nd solo overall


We woke up to a perfect day for racing, bit overcast and not to hot, I had enough time to put a practice lap in and dial in some sweet lines for the race. The race kicked off at 10am and the solo feild got sent of first, not knowing how good my form was and how strong the feild would be I decided to ride my own race. By the time we hit the first corner I was second wheel, heading up to the first technical part of the course I managed to get into the front. From here I kept the head down and concentrated on hitting all my lines and not worry about anyone behind me. Not that I knew until later but I had laided down the fastest lap for 8hrs of the race and put 6minutes on the feild.


I managed to ride my own race and stay out the front for about 3hrs, English got himself onto my back wheel and after a quick chat he kept going, this was the witching hour for me. The time when you question what you are actually doing. Thanks to my crew and some food, I got myself into a good head space and the race continued on, then Holly Harris who was racing in a 4man mix team decided that she would chased me down on the climb. There was some pre race banter between us, so i knew there was gonna be a race on to see who could get back to transition first. This lap was a highlight for me, having a team mate modidvating you is awesome.


The 10hr marked rolled around and the organisers had let me know that I had 3laps on 3rd place, with a 24hr coiming up this weekend i decided to do one more lap and call it a day.


I want to thank, Target Trek racing team, Anytime fitness and Rubena tyres for all there support.





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