Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4hr super series

After been away for work and managing to get some training under my belt, I was really keen to test the pegs at the 4hr. This course has destroyed my bikes in the past and with recent weather I wasnt expecting a dry race. It was great to catch up with everyone, I was set up with the Venture cycles crew and Jez had scored a sweet spot to trasition too..

Track was about 8.7km with 150ish of vert climbing.

I got a start in the second row and once the gun went off I was sitting top 10. After a small slip up on the first the leaders got away, but with 4hrs anything can happen. I got around the rest of the course without a drama.

The race went on and I got over taken then I would get infront again but to be honest it was great just racing again. The fh really started for me when the rain set in and everything got slippery. My training in parklands really showed. towards the end of the race I was startng to cramp and with 9minutes left on the clock I decided to call it a day.

All up i had a great day racing caught up with heaps of really good poeple and managed to sneak in some box time with a 3rd.

Thanks too Venture cycles, Anytime Fitness mtb, Ay up and the lad off the team

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