Monday, April 11, 2011

6hr Race #2 of the Enduro series

Pictures worth a thousand words, up until this happened I was sitting in the top 3/4 and had found my groove for the race. My Surplus matched with Onza Tyres was great for tearing through the mud. This was an all to familiar seen from the race and for me I am personally happy with how raced even if it was cut short. Time to focus for the 24hr next month. Bring it Well done to everyone that race in those condition you deserve a medal. In particular AL congrats 3rd in open women's is outstanding and the AY UP lads your guys were killing it. Thanks to: AY UP racing Team FRF[Silverback bikes] AY UP Onza Osprey Aussie butt cream[ pretty obvious really]

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Crummy said...

no spare hanger?

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Daves shop
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