Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Infinate Nutrition

So there are alot of nutrition companies out there that claim to have the right stuff. But how many times have you tried the good gear and the taste is wrong or it's way to sweet or just seems to be missing something. This is what make Infinate different to all the other companies out there.

You don't have to adjust your taste buds and body to suit the product the product is changed to suit you.

I got on board with Infinate about 5-6 weeks before world Jason from Infinate was great we had a chat on the phone and he asked heaps of questions about my riding what I usually eat ect. He put together a mix that we thought would work and hopefully see me through the race with no problems.

Now over the shorter races you could get away with not using any extra gels, food and just run a bottle loaded with Infinate, as you know with 24hr riding thats not possible so keeping this in mind I ran Infinate in my back pack and ate a steady flow of solids as well. Pizza mostly.

I have to say I was really happy with how my race went nutritionally.

So if your after something a nutritional product that you can tailor make to suit your taste buds then follow the link below.

More reviews to follow in the near future. What if I told you there is a set of hubs out there lighter then XTR and can be aquired for under $200 for the set.

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